All our programmes and special projects are unique, innovative and relevant to public health.

LWI Programmes

LWI programmes are all code-named and in-line with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and other Global Healthcare Initiatives.

IPAP (Illness Poverty Alleviation Programme) in consonance with the MDG 1 (Millennium Development Goal One), NEEDS (National Economics Empowerment and Development Strategy) and ‘Make Poverty History’ Global Campaign: IPAP is designed for the market women, taxi parks and the mechanics. It teaches healthy living to the less skilled in our society by educating them on the essence of nutrition and balanced diet as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our free healthcare package is administered to the people. IPAP Activities

MEP (Malaria Eradication Programme) in consonance with the AU (African Union) Rollback Malaria Plan and MDG6: MEP is designed to teach people the essence of a clean environment as well as keeping their drainages clean in other to prevent the spread of malaria. The ‘Environmental Sanitation’ Project is an offshoot of MEP, which uses environmental sanitation as a tool for malaria eradication. MEP Activities

EHES (Executive Health Enlightenment Scheme) in consonance with primary and promoting healthcare initiatives of ‘Healthy People 2010’: This programme is designed for the Executives and Staffers of a company. It seeks to educate the staffs on the essence of living a healthy lifestyle, coping with stress and getting a regular health check, as well as testing their knowledge health wise through our Pre-test and Post-test Questionnaires; and thereafter offering our healthcare package that consists of basic routine tests, personalised health counselling and dispensing of non-prescription medicines. EHES Activities

HAEP & DUADES (HIV/AIDS Enlightenment Programme & Drug Use, Abuse and Disuse Enlightenment Scheme) in consonance with the MDG6: HAEP & DUADES is an in-depth empowerment forum, which is targeted at the youths and vulnerable adults at risk of strong influencing pleasure-seeking behaviour. This programme educates the vulnerable group on the dangers of drug abuse and disuse including the promotion of national behavioural change. Condom social marketing is being utilised to promote sexual health among the poor and vulnerable groups. An offshoot of DUADES is the ‘Anti-Tobacco’ Project featuring tobacco-weaning centres, smoking cessation programmes and outreaches.
HAEP & DUADES Activities

Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR-Pharmacovigilance) in consonance with the Health Ministry’s Initiative: is to improve its database on the monitoring and reporting of adverse drug reactions and its pharmacovigilance surveys through NAFDAC, with a view to sensitising the public and the healthcare community on iatrogenesis (drug induced injury) and its prevention. ADR-Pharmacovigilance Activities

MIS (Medicines Information Services) in consonance with the food, drug and poison information centre initiative of governments, and the information vacuum is created by the lack of MIS’s in the nation. The establishment of the ‘Walk-In’ DICs project (Drug Information Centres) serves as an authenticated resource of drug and health information with a view to empower healthcare professionals including the lay public on drug and health matters. MIS Activities

LWI Special projects (LWISP)

Lagos Business School (LBS) Trainings at Pan-Atlantic University: From 2010 to date, LWI officers attend various trainings at the prestigious LBS. All LWI trainees were supported by LWI and other various sponsors. LBS Training Activities

Disabled and Underserved Project (DAUP) is an affordable health insurance package for the informal sector, under a discounted CSR package.
DUAP Activities

Executive Health, Work-life Balance and Workplace Wellness Activities is a unique value innovation programme, which is packaged in a personalised and customised way for each organisation. No two programmes are the same. The programme is delivered as a ‘turnkey health solutions’ project, which leaves staffers highly motivated and organisations asking for more. Specialised screenings are also incorporated into the programme. Executive Health, Work-life Balance and Workplace Wellness Activities

Personal Hygiene and Handwashing Etiquette (PHHE) assists parents, families and governments in nurturing a better and healthier society through improved hygiene and hand washing etiquette, with a goal to reduce disease spread and improve societal norms, etiquette, general health and well-being especially among students, schools, women, mothers, children, food handlers, food manufacturers, and the community at large. PHHE Activities

Grand Health Bazaar (GHB) is an Annual Multi-sectoral, Cross-cutting, Carnival-like International Healthcare 3-in-1 Exposition, Plenary and Health Fair event. GHB Activities

LWI Health Fair (LHF) is the free healthcare services to the masses. LWI Health Fair Activities

Project Diabesity (PD) is in tune with the First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” initiative for the prevention of obesity and diabetes especially in children. Project Diabesity Activities

easyhealth is a monthly Home Healthcare Service that delivers basic healthcare and health checkups to willing clients at their homes, offices or personal space. easyhealth Activities
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