Our Corporate Values

Our organisational culture contributes to our uniqueness and guides the way we work with our clients, stakeholders, partners, communities and with each other. Through accountability, transparency and ethics, we have created a credible organisation with integrity that has improved people’s lives and motivated our officers to enhance their performance levels.


  • We take responsibility for ALL our programmes including our actions and results
  • With a reverse reporting benchmark period of one (1) week for all financial input in cash or in kind, at LWI, we strictly adhere to proper standard operating procedures that embraces due diligence
  • We keep to decisions once made
  • We personally award innovation within the organisation
  • We have a training and capacity building policy in place for our officers


  • LWI conducts its goods and services in an open manner
  • We believe in the true sense of trust
  • We advocate relevant and reliable information to the general public
  • We produce high-quality reports of our organisation as well our programmes


LWI abides to moral principles such as:

  • The right to freedom in decision making
  • Assuring confidentiality when conducting screenings
  • Protection against harm
  • Making sure that the benefits outweigh the harm