LWI First Aid/CPR Trainning Programme for Staffers of GTBank Abuja 4th of July 2016

 On Monday, the 4th of July2015, The LiveWell Initiative Academy, (LWIA) carried out a training programme on First Aid and CPR with American Red Cross Certification for staffers of GTBank at its training school at Garki Abuja.

The programme was packaged to teach the participants on how to be good First Aiders and Emergency responders which will enhance their knowledge on how to handle emergency situations in their organizations which will result in increased safety and a positive impact on the organizations bottomline.

 The scope of the lecture covered areas like administration of First Aid and CPR and its legal implications (The Good Samaritan law), Management of emergencies such as choking, drowning, burns and poison management.

After the lecture, was a practical session where the participants who carried out  demonstration on how to put a patient in a “recovery position” and how to administer the “Heimlich Manoeuvre” for choking patients and Bandaging Techniques. The participants then paired themselves and carried out the procedures on each other.

There was a written examination and successful candidates were presented their certificates.

Below are pictures from the event…

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