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Interested in gaining work experience in your field? The LWI training unit, LWI Academy is offering student rotations and exchange programmes, internship programmes, and residency training programmes in various disciplines of study especially in Public Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Journalism and the Humanities. This will build your skills as you help to support LWI’s mission in improving the health status of the people of Africa and positively influencing their health-seeking behaviour.

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From 2008 to date, LWI Academy has hosted over 200 interns from various universities, namely Des Moines University, USA (1 MPH student 2009); University of Arizona, USA (1 MPH student, 2012); Babcock University, Nigeria (over 200 public health students 2008 – 2014); Bells University, Nigeria (2 economics students 2010); Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria (1 pharmacy student, 2010 and 1 industrial relations student, 2011); Federal University of Abuja, Nigeria (1 biochemistry student, 2011); Federal University of Technology, Nigeria (1 public affairs student, 2009); University of Lagos, Nigeria (1 microbiology student, 2011; 4 pharmacy students, 2013; 7 pharmacy students, 2014); University of Ibadan, Nigeria (2 pharmacy students, 2011 and 1 MPH student, 2013); Oxford Brookes University, UK (1 MPH student, 2013); Lagos State University, Nigeria (1 industrial relations student, 2013); West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists, Nigeria (3 postgraduate pharmacy students, 2013); Madonna University, Nigeria (1 public health student, 2013), among others.

LWI intends to extend the internship programmes to Ghanaian interns and the Drake University (USA) due to the institution’s expressed interest in LWI Exchange programmes. The Covenant University, Nigeria has admitted LWI into its Working Group on the United Nations Habitat Report Project.

Our LWI Work Experience Internship Programme (WEIP) is designed to help the four categories of Managers from around the world namely:

  1. Managers with work experience
  2. The Nigerian Diaspora Manager
  3. Researchers
  4. Healthcare Professionals, Social Scientists, Practitioners in the various Sciences, Leaders, Managers, Key Opinion Leaders, Entrepreneurs and High Flying Executives.

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