Are you a professional? A manager? A key decision-maker?

Do you care for humankind? ...Do you want to make a better impact in your area of practice? ...Are you ambitious? …Are you focused? ... Do you aim to get to the top?

Enrol on an LWIA summer class and give yourself the unique opportunity to improve your knowledge and confidence in relevant subject areas, targeted at health professionals and the enlightened public for empowerment towards the provision of better services to the public.

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Summer Training Courses

May is Health Month with courses geared towards empowering the healthcare professional to better improve the healthcare delivered to the public

June is Performance month with courses geared towards improving the individual’s performance by equipping them with management, communication & organisational skills etc

July is Professional Ethics month with courses designed to re-orientate the healthcare professional and equip them with knowledge to confidently practice in a disciplined and principled manner.

Download the e-Brochure

Our Facilities

We train in a highly sophisticated environment with spacious arrangements which make the environment serene with minimal number of participants. We use world class five star hotels and conference centres at our different locations.

Our training programmes are DESIGNED for all audiences from all walks of life; because we believe in the principles of ‘concentric diversification’ and ‘horizontal learning’.