Vision and Mission

LWI seeks to carve a ‘niche’ for itself in the areas of improving health-literacy and wellness for the goal of advancing healthcare, improving outcomes and filling gaps. We believe that our innovations, which incorporates the process of learning, un-learning and re-learning will help aid our vision and mission.

To halve health-illiteracy in Africa by the year 2030; and to increase the life expectancy of the people to 70 by the year 2030.

To improve the health status of the people of Africa through wellness promotion and health-empowerment and thereby positively influence their health-seeking behaviour.

The goal of LWI is to increase the life expectancy of Africans especially Nigerians to age 70 by the year 2030 through its unique health empowerment programmes.

  • To achieve this, LWI has created a programme for every Nigerian and every citizen of the world, rich or poor, young or old, illiterate or literate.
  • This is as evidenced by its programmes, which are culturally tailored to deliver a healthcare package to the people in the markets, taxi parks, mechanic workshops, academic institutions, conglomerates, corporate entities, elite forums, semi-rural, rural and urban communities.

Indeed, LWI seeks to reach and touch every Nigerian; and thereafter impacting citizens of the world at large.